Making the Marginal the Pivotal |Bluestocking

Here’s one I wrote a few months back for a pretty wonderful blog about the artistic and intellectual achievements of women:


 In the making – and writing – of history, women’s contributions have been overlooked. It is the same case in maritime history. Women have been the ones left behind on the shore looking wistfully at the ocean wondering when their husband will reappear on the horizon; always the supporter of a son’s or a husband’s ambition rather than the pursuer of her own life. There are accounts of exceptional women who have ‘set sail’ that aim to challenge this assumption, however, that is exactly what they are: exceptions.

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Women In The Media | Graduate Game

When I was just a girl at school – no, this isn’t going to be a tale of laments and regrets … actually, it sort of is – I remember boys or ‘nice strong lads’ were always requested when there was a box of books that needed transporting. They would return from their task with chests puffed out. You knew they were flexing their tiny biceps under their shirts – with pride – feeling what it was like to be a man. Girls, on the other hand, would tidy up in the ‘home corner’ ….

Women In The Media | Graduate Game.