Winter Wonderla … | Erimon & Marfunkel @ livejounal

… (‘lame’ comes up before ‘land’ on predictive text).

This is one of my favourite (is it a bit egotistical to have favourites in your own work?) older ones: A review of Winter Wonderland, considering Barbara Ehrenreich’s, Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy. 

It may have been a benevolent celebration of all things ‘Christmas’; The little wooden huts. Christmas trees, singing moose, lights, sounds, smells … but I didn’t find it convincing.

Read the rest here at another abandoned blog … feel free to peruse the rest!


Lying Your Way Into A Job | Graduate Game

Now, my current boss used to be an actor, apparently. Occasionally I get to see him in action with a colleague as they practice a French role play, together, which they will perform at the next staff meeting. That’s a promise, not a threat – as my mom used to say.

Lying Your Way Into A Job | Graduate Game.

Teenage Dreams – or Lack Thereof | Graduate Game

A recent poll published by The Guardian asked whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 after shadow children’s minister, Lisa Nandy proposed the idea as a way of ‘this generation showing respect for the next generation’. 53% of respondents agreed with Nandy …

Teenage Dreams – or Lack Thereof | Graduate Game.