Making the Marginal the Pivotal |Bluestocking

Here’s one I wrote a few months back for a pretty wonderful blog about the artistic and intellectual achievements of women:


 In the making – and writing – of history, women’s contributions have been overlooked. It is the same case in maritime history. Women have been the ones left behind on the shore looking wistfully at the ocean wondering when their husband will reappear on the horizon; always the supporter of a son’s or a husband’s ambition rather than the pursuer of her own life. There are accounts of exceptional women who have ‘set sail’ that aim to challenge this assumption, however, that is exactly what they are: exceptions.

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Review: Richard Walters – Regret Less | Oxford Music Blog

Here’s what I think of Richard Walters’ third album Regret Less:


Richard Walters hits the ground running with ‘King of Leaves’; the first track, and my personal favourite, on his third album, Regret Less, recorded on his own Oxford-based label, Beard Museum. It sounds exactly like that – running, I mean – but running to something; a new beginning, a more liberated self, rather than from a past that’s hunting you down and holding you back.

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Capitalism, An Exercise In Forgetting |

Here’s one I wrote for a really wonderful blog called

But really, the only reason why Neoliberalism has become so entrenched is because people are so afraid of alienation and anomie to the point they have stopped searching and exploring their identity, singularly and collectively, and don’t bother trying or striving for anything more (because, I hasten to remind you, there is more to life than a lucrative job). They, or we, just get on with it, and capitalism thrives, so that we might forget about certain death …

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Winter Wonderla … | Erimon & Marfunkel @ livejounal

… (‘lame’ comes up before ‘land’ on predictive text).

This is one of my favourite (is it a bit egotistical to have favourites in your own work?) older ones: A review of Winter Wonderland, considering Barbara Ehrenreich’s, Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy. 

It may have been a benevolent celebration of all things ‘Christmas’; The little wooden huts. Christmas trees, singing moose, lights, sounds, smells … but I didn’t find it convincing.

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Lying Your Way Into A Job | Graduate Game

Now, my current boss used to be an actor, apparently. Occasionally I get to see him in action with a colleague as they practice a French role play, together, which they will perform at the next staff meeting. That’s a promise, not a threat – as my mom used to say.

Lying Your Way Into A Job | Graduate Game.

Teenage Dreams – or Lack Thereof | Graduate Game

A recent poll published by The Guardian asked whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 after shadow children’s minister, Lisa Nandy proposed the idea as a way of ‘this generation showing respect for the next generation’. 53% of respondents agreed with Nandy …

Teenage Dreams – or Lack Thereof | Graduate Game.