Life on the Streets with Greenpeace

‘Hello. Would you like to help save the planet!?’

‘Not today, thank you.’


OK, so, over the past two months I’ve transformed myself from an inoffensive unemployed graduate into one of those people one tries desperately to avoid. Yes, I know that was a fake call. I shouldn’t complain, I’ve never bothered stopping for a ‘chugger’.

Definition: ‘charity mugger’. First of all, Greenpeace is NOT a charity. It’s an NGO. Secondly, ‘That’s right; I am a chugger, I’m a charity hugger.’ Actually, I’m not this at all. This clever little quip was just something I heard a colleague say once in response to a bit of commonplace slandering. Conflictingly, I have quite a suspicion of charitable organisations; in particular, registered charities, and charitable giving as an act in itself. When one signs-up to become a member of Greenpeace, the amount of involvement one has is completely up to you. You can opt-out of anything we send you, you don’t have to find out about local Greenpeace meetups. You can stop and talk to me because you’ve forgotten that you’ve actually been a member for the past 30 years. You can send your money and not think about us ever again, if you like. Guilty conscience? Sorted. This is my predicament with charitable giving. Surely, if you want to make a difference, you have to be involved? World hunger, homelessness, child abuse, exploitation of the planet, cruelty to animals, et-fucking-cetera? If you care, surely these questions keep you up at night every so often? But you know, throwing a bit of money at it means you’re ‘doing your bit’. Sweet dreams.


‘One can only do so much,’ is what many people say if they’re already signed up to 20 different charities. ‘I have to draw the line somewhere.’ Unlucky, Marianna, you got there too late.

But you know, I actually really love my job.

p.s. I know that when you say you’re busy, all you’re doing is Christmas shopping.

p.p.s. I have a lot more to say about this but it’s going to take a lot more brain power than I have at this moment.


4 thoughts on “Life on the Streets with Greenpeace

  1. So how would you suggest getting more involved as a subscriber? Maybe Greenpeace could offer details about meetings, events etc instead of just taking down your details and putting the odd leaflet through the post?

    • Hey Nicholas. You are the Mr Hatton from Bromsgrove aren’t you? Well, i agree with you suggestion. Birmingham has a local group if you’re interested. I think they meet the first wednesday of each month at a pub called The Anchor Inn. I don’t know where it is but i’m planning on going at some point in the new year. Check out the Greenpeace birmingham & black country facebook page. Hope you’re enjoying being a member!

      • Hey Ms. Massa. I’m flattered that you remember me. I would definitely be interested in getting more involved with my local Greenpeace group. I am enjoying being a member so far, although my first piece of post got sent to the other side of my road. It was only through the kindness of my neighbours (that I generally do my very best to ignore most of the time) that I received the pack. But I emailed and got the address changed now so it should be ok.

        Let me know if you find out where it is and if you’re planning on going. It would be good to meet some like minded people and feel like I’m doing something more to make a positive difference.


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